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WeVideo Hits It Big At The Fall DEMO 2011

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WeVideo has the potential to be the next big thing as it outshone a lot of impressive technologies at this year’s Fall DEMO Convention 2011. The comparisons with YouTube were brought out in WeVideo’s favor. If you have watched amateur videos uploaded onto YouTube, you will know how they look. They are quite limited because YouTube lacks the capability to have many people work together on editing a video collectively.

WeVideo is putting in that collective effort into the video picture. It allows you to upload your work onto your account and then you can invite users from other accounts to post their videos and edit them all together in a decent package. WeVideo has also got a built-in cloud-based video editing system that lets you add titles, music, transitions and other features that will make your amateur videos look more professional. The editing interface is a standard drag-and-drop model that was actually developed to be used as part of educational programs for students. Both adults and children will be able to use it easily.

Using this cloud has allowed WeVideo to offer a service that is collaborative and gives faster rendition and more storage than any other online video posting service.


WeVideo is redefining video editing. You can now create, collaborate and share. You can create a free account and start editing. You can create your video story online. You can shoot photos and videos with your camera or mobile phone and then upload them to your personal or shared WeVideo media library. You can add titles, effects, animation, music, narration and more to create your own video story.