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Why This Kolaveri - Gujarati - Sonu Nigam's Son Version

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Why this Kolaveri Di? வொய் திஸ் கொலவெறி டி Yes, by now you all would know the most popular and the most viral Tanglish song sung by Dhanush for the upcoming movie 3. The song is about girls and how they break boy's hearts. The song was officially released on November 16th 2011 and it went instant viral on Youtube, Facebook and twitter.

Within two weeks of the release, Why This Kolaveri Di song has now 16 Million views (that's 1.6 Crores).  It went so popular that even singers from other coutries tried to mimic the song in female voice. Sonu Nigam took some lime light by making his son sing the "Why This Kolaveri Di" song.  Check out different versions of Why This Kolaveri Di songs below. It even has a Gujarati version of Why This Chhokari Khardadi!! Its funny

Original Why This Kolaveri Di

Sony Nigam's Son singing Why This Kolaveri Di

Gujarati Version of Why This Kolaveri Di

Sharad Pawar - Slapp Kolaveri Remix(This is Hillarious)

Animal Version (Shrek) Must watch- Good editing.

here is the female version of Why This Kolaveri Di