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Anil Kapoor Bringing 24 Series In India

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Bollywood is known to Desify anything and everything out there in the entertainment industry. Whether its an arabic song or French movie or hollywood television series. The latest victim is USA's most popular television series 24.

Yes, Anil Kapoor after working with Kiefer Sutherland and Howard Gordon on 24, has bought the rights to make the Hindi version of 24. Apparently the Hindi version of 24 should start sometime in 2012.

Anil Kapoor in an interview mentioned that he will be playing the lead role of "Jack Bauer" in the Hindified version of Series 24. He also mentioned that the show will adapt to Indian sensibility, culture and Indian situations.

If this makes it to the small screens, we may see the only competitor to Sony's crime series CID. I think its a high time now that we bring something other than those stupid crappy Soaps on the Indian telelvision.

Check out Anil Kapoor's interview and Anil Kapoor talking about Indian version of 24.

I hope the Hindi 24 wouldn't be like Anil Kapoor's Ghost Protocol role.