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Yomics Bollywood Comics From Yash Raj - Really?? WTF!!

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Ok, forget about Hollywood that makes movies like Avengers, Iron Man, Spiderman, Batman and many more superhero films based on "Popular Comics" that have been written and enjoyed by fans for years before the movie was made. Come to Bollywood and you have a unique idea - Yash Raj's genious son (wink wink - sarcastically) named Uday Chopra came up with the idea of bringing comics based on stupid bollywood movies.

Thats right, Yash Raj Films has launched Comics aka YOMICS(I would assume its Yashraj-cOMICS).

I mean come on guys.. why can't you just be creating and bring new characters to comic books rather than bringing those bollywood actors as a comic heros. WHY?? Sometimes I feel like getting on top of the Bombay Central and scream at these bollywood producers and directors. They just keep coming up with the ideas around the actors/actresses.

Uday Chopra wants to introduce comics to the people of the India, and to start the momentum he launched four Bollywood movie based comics Dhoom Comic, Ek Tha Tiger Comic, Hum Tum Comic and Daya Prochu (ok this one is not based on movie I admin). Check out the teaser video of YOMICS below




Now the question is, does this comics have the same storyline as the movies? Or they will have unique content/plot? Would you like to read YOMICS? So we will have Kuchh Kucch Hota hai Comics, Dil To Pagal Hai Comic and

I see there are plenty of really good comics that we can make films from. I absolutely loved Saboo & Chacha Chaudhary. Why can't someone make a film on that? I could really imagine Sanjay Dutt a perfect fit for Saboo and Paresh Rawal or Om Puri would be perfect fit for Chacha Chaudhary. There are so many good Indian comic characters like Naagraj, Ashwaraj, Doga, Super Commando Dhruv. Vaibhav Srivastav has a really great article on the top 5 films that should be made from popular comics in India. Its nice read.

What are your favorit Indian comic characters? What comic characters would you like to be created in a film? Please share your thoughts in the comments below