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How To Get Audience Tickets In US UK India Australia

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Reality TV Shows are now the biggest part of Television industry. The Idols (American Idol, Indian Idol, India/America/England Got Talent) and many more music reality shows, Dancing with the stars, Kaun Banega CrorepatiBig Boss and so on. But have you noticed that the people who make these shows alive? Yes the actual audience on those reality shows.

I always wonder how to be part of that reality show as an audience? I dug up a bit and found out that there are ways to get Audience tickets to these reality shows in USA/UK/Australia but How to get TV Audience tickets for shows like Kaun Banega Crorepati, Big Boss 5 or SaReGaMa, Indian Idol etc in India.

Buying Audience Tickets in USA

Buying Audience Tickets for Shows in USA is really easy and Audience Tickets are actually free. Sometimes they even pay you to be the audience and do tapping or clapping etc. Below are the sites where you can get Audience Tickets in USA

  1. Audiences Unlimited -- for obtaining tickets to "The Suite Life" "America's Funniest Home Videos."
  2. TV Tix --  for tickets to shows such as "Deal or No Deal," "Jeopardy," and "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."
  3. Standing Room Only -- for "The Ellen Show," "Dennis Miller Live."
  4. TV Tickets
  5. On Camera Audiences -- For shows like "American Idol" Tickets and "Dancing with the Stars"
  6. ApplausStore - You can buy X-Factor Audience Tickets that will be starting from Sept 20th 2011 in USA

You can visit this sites and book your tickets. Tickets are available 60 days in advance and are free.

Buying Audience Tickets in UK

Same as USA, you can buy Audience Tickets in UK without paying any money. Audience Tickets for UK can be bought from the following sites.

  1. ApplausStore - This is the biggest site to get UK Television Audience tickets for all the major reality shows in UK. Shows like Minute to Win It, Big Brother, Britain's Got Talent, Super Saturday
  2. The BBC offer free TV show tickets for BBC TV and Radio shows. On the BBC Tickets page

  3. free TV studio recording tickets:

  4. offer free online tickets to some of the best entertainment TV show recordings in London. 

  5. Lost in TV has some big name shows, especially for ITV.

  6. SRO Audiences have tickets for shows such as 'The Graham Norton Show' and 'Mock The Week'.

  7. Clappers is an independent TV audience company so the shows they have on offer vary regularly. 

  8. Be On Screen is another company that has audience tickets

Buying Audience Tickets in Australia

  1. ApplausStore - This is the biggest site to get Australian Television Audience tickets for all the major reality shows in Australia. Shows like X-Factor, Australia's Got Talent, Australi's next top model, TopGear

Buying Audience Tickets in India

Well, there is no such thing as Audience Tickets in India (At least as far as I know). The Indian television industry is not organized as western countries for reality shows and singing/dancing competition shows. There are no advertisements on Audience tickets for Kuan Banega Crorepati or Indian Idol or Big Boss or any Indian reality shows for that matter.

Madhu at SaiRajmentioned that the TV Audience for Indian shows are mostly local people who are brought in by the producers or the teleivsion network group and the audiences are forced to do certain things, like waiving their hands when the contestants are performing.

Have you ever tried going to any reality show or television show as an audience? Do you know if there is a way to get an Audience tickets in India for Indian TV Shows? Would you be interested in going to TV Shows as an audience?