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Kanjibhai Vs God - Movie Adaptation Of Kishan Vs Kanhaiya

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Paresh Rawal is really one of the finest actor we have in Bollywood these days. He started his movie career as a negative character and worked his way to the comedy since Hera Pheri. He is not only a great movie actor but a great Stage actor. I had an opportunity to see him live in his super duper blockbuster play "Kishan vs Kanhaiya".

Looks like Paresh Rawal is brining the play to masses via his upcoming movie "Kanjibhai vs God"

Back in 2010, Paresh Rawal and the crew were on USA tour and performed 51 shows of "Kishan vs Kanhaiya" in 53 days. And currently, the the team is on a tour in New Zealand.

So if the "Kanjibhai vs God" is a movie adaptation of "Kishan vs Kanhaiya", its a movie about an atheist who incurs huge losses when his antique shop is destroyed by an earthquake. The story revolves around the fight of the atheist with the Almighty.

The movie was previously known as OMG. Akshay Kumar is doing a cameo in the film with Paresh Rawal. Salman Khan is giving his Voice over to the film. Check out the teaser trailer of Kanjibhai vs God