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Akshay Kumar As God In Paresh Rawal's Oh My God

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Paresh Rawal & Akshay Kumar Duo has created magic at the Bollywood box office in the past. This time, the duo is striking back in a different roles. As we earlier reported, Paresh Rawal's upcoming movie Oh My God is a movie adaptation of his popular play Kishan vs Kanhaiya. Well the first trailer was quite impressive and now the second trailer of Oh My God is out

Akshay Kumar is playing the role of a cool god of modern times wearing tailer made suits and commenting on social media sites like Facebook. The movie is all about a man's (Kanji Bhai Mehta's) disbeliefe in God. He once gets cursed by a religious Pandit and gets his business destroyed in earthquake.

The story take a turn when Kanjibhai sues God & calls upon all the religious gurus in the court to get compensated for his losses. It surelly looks interesting now that Akshay Kumar is playing cool god in Oh My God movie. Check out the trailer