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Invisibility Cloak Is Possible!

invisibilityIf you have wondered whether there could be any “possibility” of existence of Invisible cloak as seen Harry Potter type of mystery stories, and have concluded that it is only an imagination of a fertile mind, then here there is news that makes you to rethink on your conclusion!


Will Lady Gaga Make It To India This Time?

lady_gagaLady Gaga is undoubtedly the biggest news in the music industry all over the world. Though Lady Gaga avers that India fascinates her and planned to visit the country, her busy schedule has prevented that from materializing. But she hopes to make it to India this year.


Don 2 - Official Trailer First Look Released

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don-2-official-trailerGood news for all the Shahrukh Khan Fans out there. The official trailer of Don 2 has just released and the first look of the movie is out. From the look of the trailer, it is going to be action packed movie.

Even though there is one more movie of Shahrukh Khan Ra.One coming, fans can not get enough of Shahrukh Khan.


ZNMD vs Harry Potter This Weekend

ZNMDLooks like this weekend would be a tough weekend for movies like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and Harry Potter. After the recent Bomb Blasts in Mumbai, I don't think the people of Mumbai would be in a mood to watch any movie.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is hitting the screens this friday and so does the Hollywood Blockbuster Series Harry Potter. Check out the video of Hottest Movie releases of this weekend.


Rajinikant Is Back in Action!

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rajiniRajinikant, who has achieved super-star status, is a cultural icon in South India. All his fans rejoice the news that he is set to come home from Singapore, where he was undergoing treatment for kidney related condition. As is widely reported, Rajini was hospitalized on the very first day of shooting his new film Rana after complaining exhaustion. After this incident on April 19th, he was in hospital twice.


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