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Watch And Listen Home Media Radio From Mobile Free

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Every mobile device and every operating system has its own default media players. Some plays media player formats, some plays quicktime and some plays .3gp formats. But it is a challenge when you want to use one audio format to play into different operating system or mobile device.

I am a PC lover and love the fact that there are plenty of free softwares out there that plays all types of media. So I had Motorola Q (the first generation with WM 5) and I was listening to one of the radio station City 101.6 from Dubai. Its a Hindi radio station but it is just amazing. City 101.6 has a live streaming available that is .asx format. Windows Mobile phones can play .asx format in their windows mobile media player. So it was all good until I switched from Windows Mobile phone to Palm Pre. Now Palm Pre is a new phone with new operating system so finding an application to play .asx was out of the question. After doing some research I found out that there is a software called Orb that can actually convert any audio format into any audio format and you can access it from anywhere as long as you have internet connection.



Orb is software that lets you stream your PC over the Internet. If your PC is connected to a TV input, like a Media Center PC, you can stream your TV live. Orb will stream any media content from your PC, so if you've got DVD's or music on your hard drive, Orb can make it available anywhere you have an Internet connection.  Orb is free software, but you have to have a PC capable of connecting to your TV if you want to watch live TV via Orb. Orb will stream to just about any device that will support either .3gp, .asx, .pls, .rm including Palm Pre, iPhone, Windows Mobile, PocketPC.

Another Good thing about Orb is that you can actually access hundreds of online streaming radios onto your mobile devices. If you know of some streaming radio that is not available in Orb, you can add the source into your Orb internet radio and it will convert the audio format into the appropriate format of your mobile device.

Orb is also secure to use because only you can access to your home computer's media via secure login. To use Orb, you login to an website. The website connects to your machine and presents a an interface with TV, Videos, Music and other media items on your machine. To watch live TV, you select a show from a TV Guide like interface and click play. Windows Media launches and starts streaming the show. To change channels, you go back to the web page and pick a different channel.

To play it on your mobile, go under Orb settings (found on the page>settings>stream) and just choose a format that is one of either: .ram,.3gp, .pls or .asx.