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Unlimited Movies And Music Downloads Legally From Zookz

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I think this would definitely blow your mind away. If you are looking for one monthly fixed price and unlimited downloads for your music and movies, here is the site. A new site called Zookz started a beta-testing service that will let users download an unlimited number of MP3 music files for a single monthly fee. Users can also download an unlimited number of MP4 movies for the same price. If you want both unlimited music and movies downloads, you pay little more per month.

So if you want unlimited MP3 downloads or unlimited movie downloads, you pay $9.95/month. If you want the unlimited download for both movies & music  then the price is $17.95 per month. Those are unprotected, DRM-free downloads that can be transferred to any device or shared an unlimited number of times


You can use Zookz and download unlimited Mp3 and Mp4 from anywhere in the world. Zookz is not limited to US, or UK or any specific country.

There are some restrictions though..

  • You can only download one song at a time.  
  • It doesn't accept paypal payments.
  • It doesn't allow an interface where you can download songs or movies directly to your mobile device.

Currently they have over 1,500 movies and 50,000 songs but they are adding 300 movies and 1000 songs each week. So I think for the price, this can be a best bang for your buck..