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Read about Singers While Listening them - WikiFM

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I love listening music specially when the next song coming up is a surprise. When you have your collection, you might get bored with those songs listening them over and over again. Probably thats why radios are pretty famous. I used to be a big fan of Vividh Bharti, one of the most famous radio show in India.

Internet has evolved and so does the music industry. Now you can get those songs as an MP3 and can create your own CDs or burn them into your iPods. But still listening to radio is an experience. I found this website which lets you listen to a radio in Web 2.0 style. 

The application is called WikiFM. It is basically a combination of Last.FM and Wikipedia. You can search for a song based on artist or tag or groups. Songs will be played in a player and you would find the wikipedia article for the artist on the right.

So its basically listening to a song from Sonu Nigam and at the same time you can read about Sonu Nigam from WikiPedia. I found it pretty interesting as you can read interesting stuff from your favourite singers at the same time you can listen to them.

So check out {ln:nw: 'WikiFM}