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Listen To Mood Based Indian Music With Hutke

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I love to hear some nice music when I am at work or read something. While I drive, I love to listen to some calm music like ghazals or nice romantic songs. So it all depends on what I am doing and what mood am I in, my choice for music changes. I am pretty sure thats what you all will agree with me on. Mood based music!!. I currently have different CDs for my different mood or different folders for my different "mood" based songs selection.

Here comes a fantastic idea and application that solves the problem of managing your music based on your mood. You just press a button for your mood and the music for your mood will start playing.

I received an email today from, an upcoming self-funded start-up based in the San Francisco bay area, USA which claims to be world's first mood based radio that allows you to listen to full-length Indian music based on your mood. has also released an application for iPhone/iPod touch that allows you to stream your mood based radio while on the go. Check out the video below that shows the app running on iPhone


It sure looks pretty cool and while I don't have iPhone or iPod touch, I checked out their website and the site takes too long to load. I hope I can check it out once it loads.

Here are some features of the Indian mood based radio:


  • Listen to high-quality music from Hindi, Tamil and Telugu movies and albums
  • Experience your favorite songs by "MOOD" (Happy, Sad, Romantic, Sleepy, Devotional, Nostalgic, Lucky, Dancing etc.)
  • Listen to music anywhere, anytime - simply connect your iphone/ipod to your headphones, car ipod connector or home stereo and tune-in to your mood.
  • View average song ratings and rate songs using 5-stars
  • Skip songs you don't like
  • View song details (album image, composer, lyricist, year, singers) at the tap of a finger
  • Resume song playback after ending a phone call (iphone only)
  • High quality streaming on 3G, EDGE and WiFi

I am not sure how they have worked out a deal with music companies to play copyrighted content on their app and their website.

The only complain I have is that :- why only iPhone/iPod? Why not other platform such as Palm Pre (which is webOS) or Android?

I hope to see this application on more platforms so that users like me who hate iPhone can also use this beautiful application and wish them all the best