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Listen Radio Mirchi, Radio City, S FM Online Free

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So what they made 16GB MP3 players or iPod touch, listening to live music is a whole different experience. There are people who still prefer to listen to radio rather than MP3 songs. I know India has a big wave of FM stations and people in India love radios.

If you are living outside India, you might ask "How can I listen to Radio Mirchi or Radio City Online?". Well Radio Mirchi and Radio City are hit stations in many cities like Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad. So if you ask to listen to a particular city specific FM Radio live online, its not possible but there are few FM stations available online to listen for free.

I would like to thank Raj from VoiceVibes who is doing a great job providing these FM stations over the internet live for free. If you are looking to listen to RadioCity 91.1 FM, S FM 93.5, RadioMirchi 98.3 FM or Rainbow 101.9 FM - Live from Hyderabad, you can go to {ln:nw: '}.

Raj has also launched a new feature where Indians living in USA and Canada can listen to Hyderabad FM stations live over the phone. You will be only charged for the airtime from your service providers and thats it. You can now listen to Hyderabad FM stations in USA even when you are driving on the road. You have to call +1-408-344-5522 which is a regular number. You can shift between the stations by pressing the '#' key on your phone.

If you want to listen to Radio Mirchi from Lucknow, You can listen it right here. Copy the following URL into your Windows Media Player file->Open URL

Another website where you can listen to Radio Mirchi Online is {ln:nw: '}

I will add more stations as and when I find it. Till then enjoy these radio stations.