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Free Unlimited Legal MP3 downloads From

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Yes, you heard it right. From today, you can download millions and millions of MP3 songs legally right on your computer or ipod or your mp3 players for FREE. Here comes the freedom. Music file-sharing service Qtrax is launching its free P2P music download software at midnight (Eastern Standard Time).

Qtrax will work directly with record labels and publishers, licencing their content for distribution online. When you download and play music, the support of advertisers allows Qtrax to compensate artists for their work. There is no cost to download and use the software. No hidden charges no membership fees or per song costs. And yes, you don't have to worry about adware or spyware either. 

The Qtrax music application has mozilla based browser which is fast, secure and stable. It will have QTrax's player. The service {ln:nw: 'says} that adverts will be nonintrusive and will not appear each time a song is played.

As with iTunes, customers will have to download Qtrax software. They will own the songs permanently but will be encouraged to “dock” their player with the store every 30 days so it can gather information on which songs have been played. I think this will be the biggest revolution in the online music industry.

I can see the future where Bollywood Music industry would tie up with QTrax to reach to millions and millions of people without worrying about fighting with Piracy. 

So {ln:nw: 'Download} and enjoy Free Unlimited MP3 songs for LIFE. WOhhoo!!!