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Read about Singers While Listening them - WikiFM

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ImageI love listening music specially when the next song coming up is a surprise. When you have your collection, you might get bored with those songs listening them over and over again. Probably thats why radios are pretty famous. I used to be a big fan of Vividh Bharti, one of the most famous radio show in India.

Internet has evolved and so does the music industry. Now you can get those songs as an MP3 and can create your own CDs or burn them into your iPods. But still listening to radio is an experience. I found this website which lets you listen to a radio in Web 2.0 style. 


Tips Uses Ebay To Promote RACE Movie Audio CDs

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Just came across Ebay India's front page and saw that Tips is promoting Race Audio CDs on Ebay. It says Bidding starts @ Rs 1 for Race Audio CDs autographed by Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif. If you look at the seller, its "Tips Industries". What made me write this article was the price difference between the 10 listed items.

Tips Industries has listed 10 items tittled "Saif Ali Khan Autographed RACE audio CDs" and "Katrina Kaif Autographed RACE audio CDs" with price ranging from Rs. 150 to 676. Same audio CDs with this many different prices?? Why?? Why? 


Free Unlimited Legal MP3 downloads From

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ImageYes, you heard it right. From today, you can download millions and millions of MP3 songs legally right on your computer or ipod or your mp3 players for FREE. Here comes the freedom. Music file-sharing service Qtrax is launching its free P2P music download software at midnight (Eastern Standard Time).

Qtrax will work directly with record labels and publishers, licencing their content for distribution online. When you download and play music, the support of advertisers allows Qtrax to compensate artists for their work. There is no cost to download and use the software. No hidden charges no membership fees or per song costs. And yes, you don't have to worry about adware or spyware either. 


Gujarati Shakira Song - Khambho

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I was watching these video on YouTube while one video caught my attention. The title was "Gujarati Shakira". Out of curiousity I clicked on it and saw Shakira's famous video "My Hips Don't lie" but the wordings were Gujarati. It goes something like this


khambho ho ho ho....Bhale tu bhari layo re



Khambho means a can of liquor.


I was shocked and was laughing. Then I did some google search and found out that there is a group in Rajkot who created this "Gujarati Remix" version for Shakira's Hips Don't Lie. (The picture above shows the team who crated this song. Picture source: Desh Gujarat)


Appreciate The Rising Talent - Tune In To

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If you are a person who likes to promote new talent and want something new in Music, here is the site for you.


There is a website which allows independent musicians across the country to promote themselves. RadioVeRVe started back in 2006 by a group of friends. The site initially was only for Rock music but later started to play classical, Gospel and Konkani music.


The name VeRVe - Ve(We) R(are) Ve(We) means we are ourselves. The site only plays original music by Indian Artists. If you are an independent musician and want to submit your music (no matter what language it is), you can write to them with your bio and pictures and they will publish your music.


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