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Now Play Angry Anna Game

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Anna Hazare who took the country in storm with the supporters and media to finally pass the Lokpal bill. Many people are comparing Anna Hazare with Modern age Mahatma Gandhi. Truely, it would not have been possible without Anna Hazare. Now we will see whether the Lokpal bill has any effect on the courrption or not. But in the mean time, you can actually ease your anger with Angry Anna game.

If you have played or known Angry Birds, you would surely understand the game "Angry Anna" where you can shoot those corrupt politicians instead of green pigs. Check out this hillarious video game and the video of Angry Anna.

The game is developed by Geek Mentors Studios and has already received 6000 Facebook likes and 1000 Googl+s. The story of the game Angry Anna is that we have to wipe out some corrupt politicians who stole our money. The game currently has 7 levels and kind of follows the same Angry Birds format.


The game is based on HTML5 and can be played on all the HTML5 supported browsers. It won't work on IE. You can play Angry Anna Here