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Dhoom 2.5 releasing in April 2008

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ImageI am sure you guys are looking for Dhoom 3 and not Dhoom 2.5. Well we all have seen Dhoom 2 last year. Aishwarya's hottest performance and Hrithik Roshan's dashing personality. There are some speculations that Dhoom 3 will have Shahrukh khan as a villain. But I am not talking about Dhoom 3. I am talking about Dhoom 2.5.

FXLab Studios, a leading developer of high-quality game products for PCs and video game consoles, has tied up with Yash Raj Films to develop a video game titled D:2.5, based on the hit Bollywood thriller Dhoom 2. The game will be called Dhoom 2.5 



Want to Play Free Slots Online?

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ImageI don't like gambling and have never done it in my life but I did use Slot machines once and I tell you that was fun. YOu basically don't do anything, just spin the wheel and it tells you whether you won or lost. Its like a video game. If you have been to Atlantic city, New Jersey or Las Vegas you might have seen slot machines.

I came across this new site called where you can play online poker game, online slot machines etc for free. For fun, but if you want to play with real money, you can do so too. I think because of some US rules and regulations, if you are from US or Canada you can't play with real money but if you are from European country or asia or australia, you can play. 

Read more... Wants to Choose Your Own Fantasy Cricket Team

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ImageWe all know that when our Indian cricket team doesn't win the match or series, we yell at the selection team and we keep talking about including X cricket player and dropping Y cricket player and so on. So here is Games2Win's latest game called Fantasy Cricket.

The game allows you to choose your own winning team from a list of global cricketers, the rating would be on a point scoring basis. In much the same way as the game is played on the real field, here they will be marked on their performance (by a computer algorithm) at the end of which the points will be added up.(via:{ln:nw: 'LiveMint}) 


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