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Reasoning Global eApplications with Hindi movie superstar and philanthropist Salman Khan have launched Rhis is an online shopping site that is currently selling the limited edition Being Human Watches.

These watches are the mind child of Salman Khan as he himself designed the watches. They are available for both men and women. They were sold at 50 stores in various cities.


The royalties of these Being Human Watches will be spent on health and education of the poor and underprivileged according to the BeingHumanFoundation started by Salman Khan


Currently offers a wide range of these Being Human watches. Salman Khan encourages the sale of these watches and said “Being Human Watches are about looking good and doing good. If you are buying a Being Human watch, you should be able to buy it in your time and space. As the watches are now available online, buy them 24/7 and wear them 24/7,”