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Make Free Calls Worldwide Using iPod Touch iPad

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MagicJack is one of the leading company to start the "Free Calls" feature for USA and Canada. Using the USB dongle, MagicJack changed the way people talk over the phone. In fact, MagicJack became more popular outside USA/Canada as people from other countries can now call to their loved once in USA/Canada for free using MagicJack.

But now, MagicJack is turning your iPad and iPod touch into an iPhone so that you can make free calls on iPod touch & iPad, iPad 2

MagicJack launched an iOS app in the App Store that allows users make free calls to numbers in the U.S. and Canada and to other magicJack users anywhere in the world at no charge.

The coolest thing about magicJack iOS app is that magicJack does not require you to create a log-in before you can start making those free phone calls. YOU can just skip the registration part and directly go to a dialer to start making a phone call to US or Canada number. If you want, you can create an account later to actually receive a phone call.

The app allows you to make phone calls over Wi-Fi or 3G. The call quality is really crystal clear and everyone's loving the ease of use.

magicJack iOS app is Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later. So that means if you have an iPod touch or Wi-Fi iPad version, you can install this app and start making free calls.

So how you can make free phone calls India/Pakistan/China/Australia or worldwide using this app?

Just have your friends/family install this application on their phones and start making free calls.

You can download the app from here

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