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Free Phone Calls

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Guest Article By Vikas

Do you believe that you can make free international phone calls? Well most of the people do not and in-fact I was also among them. Yes, you can talk to your near and dear ones for free, not only the STD calls but also the ISD calls.

The day I made my first FREE phone call, I was so happy that I paid nothing and still I could talk for 30 minutes from US to India. That was really a great experience. After that that I hardly spend some money on my phone calls.

The free calls comes either in the form of promotions or trials and they do not last for longer period. So the question is how you would know that which company is offering you free calls.

You can use tools like Twitter search and Google Blog search to look for such free VoIP calls deals and free calling minutes deals on the internet. You can also follow some of the leading blogs that provide VoIP calls and free calls details such as freevcalls etc.

About author:Vikas writes on his own blog(freevcalls.blogspot.com) where he update all the free and cheap calling offers around the Globe. Just subscribe the blog and start getting the latest offers about free calls.