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Forget Cash and Pay with Your Go Watch

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If you have no time for dealing with cash, just wave your contactless watch for payment as you GO along. You can forget about cash now and pay with your Go Watch. The Rumba Time GO will be getting off the ground with a slogan, “Carry Less and Live More”.

This is a standard digital watch that comes with a contactless payment chip on the back so you can now do away with your wallet. It also carries a medical ID number in case you end up with an accident and are on the ground yourself.

It has become a kick starter project by Rumba Time. They are famous for making low cost time pieces recalling the Swatch craze of the nineteen eighties.

The GO is based on a partnership with Vitaband that sells medical ID straps and annual subscriptions to its emergency information service for about forty dollars. The paramedics can now call the Vitaband phone number that is printed on the watch, give the medical ID number that is printed below it and get back full details on allergies, medications and emergency contacts in connection with the patient concerned.

The cashless payment is based on Visa Paywave technology for use with a Visa prepaid card. The `GO’ is a kind of phone that is very handy for people who do not want to carry more than an MP3 player when they go out biking or jogging. The time piece is water resistant. It comes in seven colors and will carry a strap of medical grade silicone. The watch will be available for thirty five dollars.