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Time Warner Giving Away Free Slingbox

If you are a Time Warner customer, chances are that you may have used Time Warner's iPhone/Android app that lets you watch your television on your mobile device anywhere. Apparently, Viacom and Time Warner had a law suit that settled down and now Time Warner will stop provinding television on mobile. But as an alternative, Time Warner Cable is giving away free Slignbox devices.


HP Pre 3 In UK For Free With Orange & T-mobile

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HP Pre 3 on Orange

HP, the new home for webOS (the coolest mobile OS so far) announced the launch of its new webOS based smartphone Pre 3 in the begining of 2011. Well as promised the HP Pre 3 is already available in Europe and will soon be coming to USA. But right at the launch day, HP Pre 3 can be bought for free


Beetel Android Tablet Magiq For Rs.9999

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Android Tablet market in India is heating up. Beetel Teletech, a Bharti Enterprise group firm has just announced the latest Android tablet with 7-inch screen, 1Ghz Snapdragon processor, 2 mega pixel front and rear camera, WiFi and 3G connectivity and 8GB internal memory (expandable up to 32GB).

The Beetel Android Tablet called "Magiq" is one of the cheapest android tablet in the Indian market right now with such quality features.


Cheap Calls To India Pakistan Using Google Voice

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google-voiceIf you haven't heard about Google Voice or if you don't use Google Voice, today is the day you want to do both. Google Voice, Google's answer to Skype has just announced the cheapest calling rates to all over the world.

Google Voice used be only available for USA for the last two years and there were ways you could use Google Voice from Indiaor outside USA but today Google officially announced the launch of Google Voice outside USA. Google Voice is now available to many more users of Gmail outside the U.S. by offering calling in 38 new languages.


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