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So the new buzz in bollywood industry is personal blogs. Whether its a movie promotion or Reality show promotion or its a promotion of your cricket team. Bollywood celebrities are now fighting over their personal blogs and commenting about each other, apologizing for comments, statements and what not.

It all started with Amir Khan, who started {ln:Aamir Khan Starts His Own Blog 'his own blog}. Right after launching his blog, he actually launched {ln:Aamir Khan to start Chating on his own 'personalized chat} application so that he can talk to his fans. 

Its a different story that the {ln:Experience With Live Chat on 'experience of chating} on his site was chaos. So right after that many other bollywood celebrites started their own blogs. So let me compile the list of bollywood celebrities blogs. 


{ln:nw: '} - Aamir Khan started this blog to promot his Lagaan DVD launch in India. He is been consistent and regular when it comes to posting on his blog. He keeps his fans upto date about his movies, shootings, incidents happened in his life etc. At times I felt that he might not be writing on his own but over his different posts, he made sure that everyone believes the its him.

{ln:nw: 'Amitabh Bachchan's Blog} - Amitabh Bachchan also jumped into blogging right before the launch of Bhoothnath. He started promoting Bhoothnath and later talked about the maharashtra issues and created quite a bit of controversies. Well whatever it is, its good that his fans now can directly talk to him without having media in-between.

{ln:nw: 'John Abraham Blog} - Looks like John has his blog for quite sometime now. He is been posting articles on his website for almost 2 years but he is not regular. He posts only few articles. So far he has made only 5 to 6 articles.

{ln:nw: 'Bipasa Basu's Blog} - Bipasa Basu also writes articles every now and then on her website. Latest entries talk about her first bengali film and thanking her fans who visited her website. I am not sure how authenticate this site is though.

{ln:nw: 'Shilpa Shetty Blog} - Shilpa Shetty has also launched her website which promotes her perfume line as well as her fitness and yoga DVDs. Everyone knows how fitness freak she is. The site has videos and pictures of her "biggest win ever" Big Brother and all that stuff. It also shows her biography, filmography and all but I don't see her writing any blog entries to her fans.

{ln:nw: 'Salman Khan Blog} - Salman Khan has now started blogging in the event of promoting Dus Ka Dum. Personally, I like Dus Ka DUm better than "Panchvi Pass".

Updates: Thanks Tangerine..

{ln:nw: 'Shobha De Blog} - Shobha De started her own blog with Blogger. You can find her blog at

{ln:nw:http:// 'Ram Gopal Vermas Blog} - Ram Gopal Verma, one of the most famous producer director who made very popular movies like Rangeela, Sarkar etc.

Harbhajan Bhajji - Harbhajan Singh - Bhajji recently launched his own blog at BigAdda. You can access his blog by visiting {ln:nw:}

If you know any other celebrity blog, please leave your comments and I will include it here in the list. Enjoy and follow your celebrity.