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Social Networking - A New Trap !

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According to latest trap news in the media that Social networking sites are used as Honey Trap to disturb the Cyber Unity in India. In last few years Social Media is being emerged as the key channel to lodge protest against government & anti-social elements. Surprisingly, Social Channel is developing at quite faster rate than any other communicating source. Sources inside the govt. believed that Facebook like website majorly used as new trap by enemy spies to prompt the government working mechanism especially in the Army or defense.

Facebook is the new "honey trap" positioned by enemy spies that forced the government to ask senior officials of paramilitary and armed forces to stop pompous their career information or any personal stuffs in those websites. Such cases are being highlight because of recent case from cross-border terrorism where women posing as foreign agent or spy who found chatting to officials of paramilitary forces.

Cyber Intelligence tool is not yet developed in India so far to cater such cases. Rising cases of cyber crimes specifically affecting India’s defense may force Govt. to take some strong decisions over these issues. Cyber espionage is not new in India but no of attacks increasing day by day. Counterbalance seems as important task from the government to tackle such crimes.

Currently no one was ready to come on record or provide any data about the paramilitary personnel involved in these kind of cyber espionage cases, but the sources in Telecom Department privy to the developments said an effective mechanism was being put in place to keep a vigil on officials posted in sensitive areas. (IBN Live News Source)

Number of such incidents was more reported in the paramilitary forces, few were also reported in the armed forces as well as per sources. Home Ministry has already asked officials to stay away from Social sites & porn websites. Since official computers are source to navigate for foreign elements to enter into our system.

News Courtesy: IBN