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Remove Unwanted Facebook Adult Spam Permanently

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Ever since Google introduced its well known faster browser Chrome, I kinda stopped using IE and used mostly Firefox or Google Chrome. I actually got my Dad a new laptop and instead of letting them use IE, I installed Google Chrome and taught him how to use it. He rarely uses his computer. Mostly to check on family member's facebook updates and photos.

Few months ago, I noticed some unwanted and weird adult spam message into his status updates and realized that his account and computer was infected with some Facebook adult spam. The funny thing is, I couldn't find any facebook apps that he authorized or any viruses spams in his computer. After some digging I found out that it was Google Chrome's extension that was causing this issue.

Some of the various facebook adult spam messages are as follows

I dare you to watch more than 30 seconds from this video!

30 Seconds of viewing this video seemed like eternity!
I dare you to watch this video more than 25 seconds!! I bet you cant?

most people can not watch this video more than 25 seconds!!!
I dare you to watch more than 30 seconds from this video!

most people can not watch this video more than 25 seconds!!!

So here is what you need to do to remove the unwanted Facebook adult spam messages permanently from your profile and your account.

Open Google Chrome and click on Tools-->Extensions. You will see an extension called "Extension Youtube" or "Youtube Premium". These names might make you think that its a legit extension but its not.

Just check the "Disable" box and click "Remove" button to remove those extensions from your Google Chrome browser and you should be all set.

As a precaution, Please follow these tips to keep your facebook account secure and safe from future spam attacks.

  • Don't ever copy and paste code into your browser's address bar unless you're confident the source is legit.
  • Make sure your browser is up to date.
  • Report anything weird that you see on Facebook using the "report" links throughout the social network.

Sometimes you may see some messages that looks like a Youtube Video links but it can be fake links to some spam or viruses. So check out the notes below to identify whether the video URL is fake or legit.

Clue 1: The fake YouTube Video update usually does not show the complete URL to the video.

Clue 2: The Fake YouTube Update does not have a proper title rather it has catch lines like “wtf rohit why are you in this video” or “omg rama why are you tagged in this video” or “OMG poonam i cant believe youre tagged in this vid” or “YO! rahul what are you doing in this vid”

Clue 3: There is a weird grey play button in the middle of the video which looks like YouTube play button, but if you observe closely, the real videos have only one play button and usually the real youtube videos have snapshot of the video.