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People are getting less Friendly on Facebook

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A new report has stated that people are getting more privacy-savvy on social networks, whether it is fine tuning friends’ lists or removing unwanted comments and limiting access to their profiles. People are managing their privacy settings and their reputation online more often than they used to do a couple of years back. To give an example, 44% of people said last year that they deleted comments from their profile on a social networking site. Only 36% had done the same thing in 2009.

Today, we are facing privacy protections while using the internet, mobile devices or other technologies with sophisticated means of tracking them. All the latest findings suggest that people are not only caring about their privacy online but are also trying to manage it with the right tools.

Profile pruning is now on the rise. About 67% have said in the last quarter that they have deleted many friends from their lists. Many people are removing their names from photos. The situation was much different about a couple of years back. Women are restricting their profiles more than men.

People with the highest level of education have had difficulty with their privacy settings. The report has found no major difference in the basic privacy controls of people by age. Younger people are using privacy controls as much as older people.

Young adults are, however, deleting more unwanted comments than the older people.  56% of social media users between ages 18 and 29 have deleted comments made by others on their profile.