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Online Course On Power Searching Launched By Googleb

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The Senior Research Scientist, Mr. Daniel Russell, of Google Inc. has announced that the company is offering a course in search education that is going to make the internet browsers find information on Google easily.

The course will offer amazingly advanced tools to help people find the desired information in quick time.

The course will be offered from 10th July to 19th July online at www.powersearchingwithgoogle.com. The schedule will involve a pre-class assessment and an introductory class beginning 10th July. The course will cover topics in ten days like the interpretation of results, advanced techniques for finding facts quickly and then checking your facts before putting them all together. There will be a post-class assessment scheduled for 19th July.

This short course will help you become a good internet searcher. It is a free online and community-based course that will showcase search techniques and how they can be used to solve day to day problems in real life. There will be six fifty-minute classes with interactive activities to practice new skills and opportunities will be presented to connect with others using Google groups like Google + and Hangouts on Air. People will get Certificate of Completion on passing the post-course assessment and the Certificate will be emailed to them.

The registration for this course has already started on 26th June. This course is going to familiarize people with how to do power search by using the advanced options offered by Google. The search professors from Google are going to teach the techniques on how to become smart internet searchers.

If you want to search the location of the photo your friend took or the name of a book that is eluding you, this course may make it easy for you to get your answers fast.