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How do you fine tune the Privacy Settings for Facebook Graph Search?

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You may like Facebook’s new Graph Search if you can tolerate your personal exposure in public. But what makes it fascinating is the manner in which it is set up to allow the users to mix and match the search terms to make new discoveries for themselves.

Graph Search is a new function given by Facebook. It is not yet officially launched. It is available, though, in Beta. It differs from other search functions because, unlike others that index bits of information, it indexes a huge amount of links between bits of information.

Facebook’s search functions now offer people, things and places. The initial stage of Graph Search will offer the relationships between people, places and images as well. Some Graph Search examples may look like “people who like golf who are from my hometown” or “restaurants in Mumbai my friends have been to”. With Graph Search, you will be in a position to search for and get results for something that is shared with you on Facebook and other people will be able to do the same with things that you have shared with them.

That content which has been set to `Public’ alone will be indexed in the Graph. You can find people who have shared their `city’ with you or friends whose `city’ is public. You can find images of your friends or yourself if they have been posted and you have been tagged in them.

Finding links will probably become an important part of future social networking. But if your attitude is conventional, you can control some of this data including the people who can see your information. Controls will include removing or reporting photo tags, deleting photos and removing location tags.

First, you can set General Privacy settings. You can click on the Settings cogwheel. Choose the Privacy settings in the drop-down menu and click on the first Edit link which says, `who can see your future posts?’. Select the Friends choice. This setting will limit the exposure of your posts to friends and not friends of friends. Then, you can review and remove posts and tagged items. Click on the Use Activity Log link. When you scroll down the page, you will see chronological activity. Click on the Edit icon to the right of a particular activity and choose to edit or delete the same.