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Women Love to Get Drunk While SEX [Report]

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Don’t dare to drink more while you sleep since here new study revealed Millions of women consume alcohol before having sex because of lacking confidence level in the body. To make them strong from inside, Alcohol consumption is necessary what woman thinks.

This survey has been conducted over 3000 women aged 18-50, almost half of those quizzed said they favored sex under the influence of alcohol because it helped them to lose their inhibitions and be more daring. So here women want to have so-called Feel Factor to accomplish good sex. Research revealed on average they slept with nearly eight men, but were drunk with at least five, and on certain occasions couldn't recognize the man's name the next day. Four out of ten had been slightly drunk while sleeping with a partner for the very first time.

Study exposed that 75 percent of women liked to drink before getting into bed with their husband or boyfriend, and 6 per cent had never had sex somber. Even half of them claimed drinking with a prospective partner was part of the dating practice so were a bit drunk when they had sex. Study unveiled 14 per cent of women those who’re in a relationship can't sleep with their partner without a couple of glasses of wine beforehand.

Kathryn Lakeland of Femfresh, which conducted the entire study, said the findings have proved women seriously lacked confidence level. "The fact alcohol plays an integral role in their love lives shows that women are looking for a boost in self-esteem when it comes to their bedroom antics," the Courier Mail quoted. "But in doing so many women will be losing self-control, and this is when drunken one-night stands are more likely to occur," she added. (Courtesy ANI News Agency)

Some of these facts are bit surprising as when women get involved in the sexual activities with multiple people. Again can’t be confidence boosted without alcohol? Losing self control means you’re being in state of thorniness or may do anything whatever you want. Obliviously in that case how could you remember the name of that guy whom you’ve spent your last evening? Sex may seem as nightmare in those cases, hard to pertain or curtain.

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