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To Whom You should Consider Good Friend

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Friendship is the most common relation which has no discrimination on grounds of Sex, Age, or Groups. Friendship grows with regular interactions in whatever way you want & meet-ups. It is always better to have one good friend instead of having bunch of friends whom you can’t trust or understand. Friendship is sometimes the most complicated relationship to understand especially when you’re engaged with your close mates during School College or in job. There is a need of sorting so that you should know who you’re actually looking for.

Here we have divided entire Friendship into four different categories as....

Shopping Friend

Shopping is being considered as one of the best exercise to interact or share a great time with your buddie(s). Quite oblivious reason is everyone’s individual style of shopping & desires. While shopping you can share your thoughts to you close ones and even get the better advice in return. Shopping is not a big deal for few since they hardly take minutes to complete their shopping. Of Course some of them are taking hours to take the appropriate decision. In that case, friend(s) should be the best choice whom you can get the desired suggestions. Next time makes sure that you have a friend who agrees to your own style of shopping.

4am Friend

4 AM Friend is no more than whom you can call anytime for anything. Also who never says No & agrees your request or requirement. This one is quite useful because to him/her you can share your secrets & pour your heart out to. Especially during office hours there must be someone whom you can share thoughts & points.

Friends with Benefits

Sometimes Friendship comes to hard end also when it goes with Need or Benefit Cycle. Since in this world Friendship is only thing where you need to be more obliged in terms of trustworthiness and faithfulness. With benefits is suited who wants not to pursue any love or romantic relationship. Truthfulness is the key here.

Colleague cum Friend

There is difference between colleague & friend, so its Upto you to decide whether friendship is required or not. Since here your friend needs to stand with you & your words throughout. Make sure you have someone who can meet both the requirements at the same time.

Excerpts taken from Surat Times Variety Section

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