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Top 10 Home Remedies for Acne Issues Sited in Sun Times And Yahoo!

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Top 10 Home Remedies for Acne Issues Sited in Sun Times And Yahoo!

The top 10 home remedies to treat acne might attract you greatly. Reliable information to prevent acne can be found in Sun times and in Yahoo. One of the top home remedies to prevent acne formation is the use of baking soda.

But Sun times suggest that over usage of baking soda on the skin, beyond the recommended levels, might lead to serious skin related issues in course of time. Any remedy that is suggested in Yahoo or in Sun times can be tried without any hesitation. Since these are home remedies, it is less costly compared to laser surgery and might take more time to heal. But it has always been a valuable recommendation.

Those who wish to know more on top 10 home remedies can just browse through Sun times. While you can get relatively similar suggestions in most of the web pages searched through Yahoo or other search engines, the most useful remedy is the orange peel or aloe vera paste. Since there is high vitamin C content in orange and due to its high acidic nature, it is considered to be a perfect choice to treat acne. After cutting the orange pulp, orange peels needs to be dried and then ground into fine powder. Then water is added in required amount to make it into a paste. This can be applied on all the regions of the body that are affected heavily by acne. You will not be seeing results within few days. It will take at least a month for the acne to fade out of the skin. If there is no change even after applying orange peel paste, then the procedure can be changed by applying aloe vera paste.

Researchers have mentioned a lot about the medicinal properties of aloe vera in various journals. Fresh juice can be directly obtained from the plant. The gel that you can get on squeezing the leaves can be made into a concentrated paste. This needs to be applied twice a day for at least fifteen days.

The top 10 home remedies as listed in Sun times or in Yahoo might be surely useful to those who are already suffering from the acne problem or to those who are more prone to get acne. Usage of lemon and honey are considered to be common options in removing acne from different regions of the body.