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Sleeping Pills can lead to premature Death

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When you take sleeping pills, the risk is three times more on chances of pre-mature death even when you are on the lowest dosage.  A medical report in London has pointed out that taking sleeping pills frequently can increase the risk of pre-mature death.

The medical study was issued in the British Medical Journal Open. It said that patients who take even fewer than eighteen pills a year are more likely to die earlier than those not on sedative medications. The higher the dose, the greater is the risk.  Those people who are on higher doses will also have an increased risk of cancer.

The commonly prescribed drugs that may increase such risks are benzodiazapenes and the new hypnotic sedative zolpidem. Other sedatives that could be dangerous are zopiclone, zaleplon, barbiturates and antihistamines. The medical experts have however informed that worried patients should not totally stop taking the pills but consult their physicians first.

For the study, the researchers compared over ten thousand patients taking sleeping pills with about twenty thousand people who were not on sedatives. After taking into account the pre-existing illnesses of the participants, the researchers found that people taking sleeping pills were five times more likely to die earlier compared to those not on drugs.

People taking the highest doses every year accounted for ninety per cent of prescriptions in the study and this group was also thirty per cent more likely to develop a major cancer. The effects are greatest among the age group of eighteen to fifty five years.