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Make Breakfast Your Secret Weapon For Good Health

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Bagels, bananas and bran cereals have one thing in common. They are all good for you at breakfast time. They will help to keep you on the narrow path of weight loss and towards maintaining good health.

If you want to skip breakfast, skip the idea as research has indicated that people who don’t eat breakfast are not as successful while managing their weight when compared with those people who regularly eat their breakfast. The principal reason is that you will avoid overeating before lunch if you eat a decent breakfast.

When you eat in the morning, it is just like fuelling up your gas tank. Your body becomes low on fuel when you wake up in the morning. It is like running a car on an empty tank. Morning meal is good to start your engine by supplying energy to your body.

Avoiding breakfast will make you more inclined to overeat later on during the day to make up for that low energy. A study has been published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition which suggests that people who eat breakfast do not fall into the trap of snacking impulsively as easily as those people who miss their breakfast.

Not all fuels are equal. Many people may get energy from a bran muffin and a cup of skimmed milk than they will from a large glass of fruit juice. It is because the sugar in the fruit juice is a rapidly used source of energy than what is received from the milk and muffin.

A good breakfast is made up of both proteins and carbohydrates. A satisfying breakfast has to pack a quick punch of energy by raising the sugar levels of our blood while boosting our energy through high fiber food. So, it is wiser to eat within few hours of waking up.