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12 Tips to Guard Against Cell Phone Radiation Dangers

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What's in the air around us, unseen by anyone? Many things exist without us being aware of them, but have you ever thought or realized that one of the worst culprits is cell phone radiation? It's something we cannot see, smell or be aware of, yet many people are wary of it.

Cell Phones And Electromagnetic Fields

Cell phones emit electromagnetic fields (EMFs) or EM radiation. I am electronically sensitive myself so I can actually feel the radiation. There are a lot of studies, more than 2,000 in fact which show the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation on our health. The World Health Organization has highlighted the danger of these devices by underlining the possible link with cancer and San Francisco has recently passed a law requiring a label to be put on cell phones stating their radiation levels.

12 Easy Ways To Minimize Radiation

Here are twelve tips to help you minimize your exposure, and risk.

  1. Do not spend hours on a cell phone mindlessly chatting -- because the longer you're on that thing the more radiation you're exposed to.
  2. Turn your cell phone to speakerphone use. This puts you at a safer distance. Have the keypad facing you and the back of the phone away from you. Wireless headphones called airtube kits give more protection than regular headset or Bluetooth so can chat a little longer if you have to.
  3. Punch in the number to call, then wait for the person on the other end to pick up before clamping the phone to your ear, and if you are receiving a call, also wait a few seconds. This will save you from exposing yourself to maximum radiation levels at the beginning of calls.
  4. Your phone is giving out radiation even when its switched on. So don't carry the phone in your pocket, but keep it in a purse or a cell phone carrier which has a radiation shield in it.
  5. When you want to use your cell phone, stand near a window or outside. Try not to use it when you're in an underground station, in a basement, in an elevator, or in the depths of a large concrete and steel building. Try and use the cell phone when your signal is full strength and all bars are showing. Radiation will more than likely increase, as your bar number decreases.
  6. Don't travel in your car and use the phone. Your phone antenna will be scanning constantly and radiation is intensified when the phone is using maximum signal strength. Some countries and states have laws against using non-hands free cell phones when driving.
  7. Do not use your cell phone while parked and sitting in a car. It's like being inside a microwave oven and produces the Faraday effect. Radiation from the cell phone pings around the metal container and gets absorbed by your body at a higher level.
  8. Don't leave your cell phone turned on and by your bed at night. Try and leave the cell phone outside of your bedroom. This will avoid accidentally leaving it on all night as you sleep.
  9. If you are sick or tired, try avoiding the cell phone for a while. Radiation tires organics and makes you feel weaker. Pregnant women and seniors shouldn't over abuse of it. A fetus in amniotic fluid doesn't really cotton on to microwave radiation. If you have teeth fillings, plates or metal screws in your head, braces that go around your head, or are wearing metal eyeglass frames the radiation will conducted even more effectively into your body.
  10. Purchase a cell phone with the lowest SAR rating. This means Specific Absorption Rate of microwave radiation as absorbed by human tissue. In the United states, the FCC has set this limit to 1.6 watts per kilogram.
  11. Use texting rather than audio on your cell phone. When we text, the cell phone is further away from our body and at arm's length.
  12. Children should not use a cell phone, with the exception of an emergency. The smaller the body, developing organs, lower skull bone density, and a much weaker blood brain barrier, makes kids vulnerable to the dangers of cell phone radiation. 

I hope you will find some comfort on reducing the radiation from your cell phone. I believe these tips have helped me. While cell phone radiation is important, it's not the whole picture. Your overall exposure to electromagnetic(EM) fields is what really matters. This type of pollution increases daily, and at an alarming rate. What you and your family can do to help protect yourselves, is to get a EMF detection meter. This will measure the amount of EM radiation which surrounds you, and lead to a better understanding of the hazards of it.

This is guest post by Lloyd Burrell.