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China Overtakes US on Energy Consumption: Report

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So here the moment comes when Economies shaking their ties & crossing the limits to overtaken each other. Similarly in terms of energy based consumers, China has overtaken the United States as the world’s new biggest energy consumer. According to news sources from AP, China has recently taken leap in the energy consumption.

With this Chinese has created their new image in world map as the leading consumer along with producing side on demands scale. Of course now there is threat to world now from both the sides whether to go to East or West. Unfortunately the countries in between are more often becoming sandwich state & searching for compromising formula to sustain energy for future generations.

According to Oil major BP, on Wednesday market index China has moved to the top in 2010 with 20.3 percent of global demand, ahead of the United States at 19 percent.  The report also highlights China's overall consumption rose by 11.2 percent last year compared with 3.7 percent in the United States. Sudden surging inside the Chinese policies & transition led development laid 5.6 percent increase in global energy demand, the biggest one-year gush since 1973.

Considering entire world energy scenarios, China has already taken lead with the world’s largest consumer of coal with total 48 percent. Other side United States still stands for the largest consumer of oil in the world with 21 percent of global demand. China is not so far here also, hopefully in next few years they would be competing hard among themselves. Changes in the Chinese market based policy in investment segment & rising demand of another super power after US forced China to come as East keeper. It seems American federal policies were hit hard by the last recession, since there are still certain segments under-development phase. Many companies had declared themselves bankrupt also which itself has shown the mark of decline period in the US where China turned out as Modest Economy with Booming Figurees.

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