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Access to Bang with Professionals shut down by LinkedIn

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LinkedIn shuts down its application programming interface access to `Bang with Professionals’ which is a web service meant to facilitate more intimate connections among the users of the business oriented social networking site.

This service was made up to allow LinkedIn users to search for people on incognito basis in their network to hook up for casual sex. Less than a month after the launch of this service, the API key has been revoked. LinkedIn has now shut off the API interface access for this free site. This site was meant to work on all mobile devices and desktops. The reason for this closure is that the site violated the terms of use of the social network in a manner that was not consistent with the objectives of the developed program.

The developers should have been aware that the API access is not permitted for any app that displays or contains adult content. However, in this one month, there were almost six thousand subscribers already. Their data is safe but their users’ IDs have been deleted. The only thing remaining is the site’s landing page.

This site was just built by two people in a matter of three days. The Twitter handle for the site has also been deactivated though the `Bang with Professionals’ blog on Tumblr is still on.  This burning issue of letting the third party developers’ access to API information has become big with large social networks like LinkedIn. Facebook  also recently cut off the API access for Twitter’s Vine video app just a few hours after it was launched.