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Access to Bang with Professionals shut down by LinkedIn

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linkedin_developersLinkedIn shuts down its application programming interface access to `Bang with Professionals’ which is a web service meant to facilitate more intimate connections among the users of the business oriented social networking site.


Infographics - Growth Of Mobile Internet Usage In India

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mobile-internet-usage-indiaCarrying around a laptop, tablet or smartphone may be a normal part of daily life for many, an action given little second thought and devoid of personal analysis. This is because these mobile devices have become so ingrained in society that they are hardly questioned.

It is important to look deeper, however, in order to determine technological and social trends that will define us for years to come. This helpful infographic about the growth of mobile Internet use in India is thus a useful visualization of data that can begin a conversation as to the future of Internet usage for businesses, students and families alike.


IndiaTimes Email Service Shutting Down

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indiatimes_mailBefore the era of Google's email services and all the cool features of Gmail, it was all Yahoo mails, Hotmails and for Indian patriots it was Indiatimes emails. Indiatimes launched its email services back in 2001 when providing 6MB email space was a cool thing and that too was advertised as 3 times more than any other email service providers. Indiatimes probably was the first one to offer its email services in 11 Indian languages.

If you are one of those hardcore Indiatimes Email users, here is a bad news for you. IndiaTimes has decided to shut down its email services from 18 February, 2013 at 12 PM (Indian Standard Time).


App-lause: Earning Money from Apps

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make-money-appsSmartphones and tablets have become so common these days that it’s hard to imagine getting on with life without them. With our dependence on these devices comes our increasing dependence on apps – apps that entertain us, apps that improve our productivity, and apps that help cultivate creativity. In fact, we can go as far as saying that smartphones and tablets wouldn’t be as awesome as they are now without the mini-software. And since practically everyone (grandmothers included) are using these things now, it shouldn’t be hard to imagine that the app market can give you major returns in the form of cash.


How to Protect your Online Privacy

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What people read about you online is just as important as what people think about you offline. Your online reputation is vital not only to your business and professional life, but it is also important to your personal life.


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