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Kavita Bhabhi Vs Savita Bhabhi Vs Sangeeta Bhabhi

Sangeeta Bhabhi

Cartoon characters have always been a part of our childhood. They are our friends like Donald Duck, Micky Mouse, Superman, Spiderman and so on. But now Cartoon characters are becoming part of adult's life too. Cartoons are now not only for kids.

Everyone knows about Savita Bhabhi. One of the most "Bad Reputed" Cartoon Character in India. The character has created quite a bit of news lately because of its vulgur and adult content. Savita Bhabhi is a webcomic, is possibly the first pornographic comic in India.

Now Contest2Win has launched a new viral to promote its gaming contests to ride on the popularity of Savita Bhabhi but with a different name, Kavita Bhabhi. I am not sure whether the site will gain "Good' popularity or "Bad" popularity with this new Kavita Bhabhi character.

And if that is not enough, consumer goods major Procter & Gamble has {ln:nw: 'created} a new character called Sangeeta Bhabhi to hardsell its stuff in rural India. Sangeeta Bhabhi, a dedicated housewife and an educated married woman, who highlights the benefits of using the P&G brands.


Access Via Proxy

Looks like Indian government has banned popular toon porn site “There were several complaints against the site. We have taken action under the relevant sections of the IT Act and blocked the site,” N. Vijayaditya, of the CCA said. So no wonder the keyword "SavitaBhabhi" or "Savita Bhabhi" brings all the visitors to this site.

So if you are in India, there is no Savita Bhabhi "fun" for you. You will have to find out different ways to access Probably proxying? or http tunneling could help you.