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Auditory Illusion - Have Virtual Haircut Here

If you have been thinking about going for your haircut and couldn't go, here is your chance. Have your virtual haircut done right here. All you need is a headphone. I just came across this MP3 called "Virtual Hair Cut" and I didn't believe it when I read about it but after I started listening this Audio, I felt like I am sitting on a chair in the barber shop.

Plug your headphones and listen to the following MP3

So what do you think? Wasn't that amazing? So after I read it, I found out {ln:nw: 'few more} auditory illusions such as  Phantom Words, Temporal Induction of Speech, Scale Illusion etc. You will be surprised how our brain handles different voices.
If you are wondering how such audios are created, you might want to check out {ln:nw: 'Andy}'s post which explains how such recordings are done..