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Paoli Dam's Boldest Scene For Chatrak - First Ever In India?

paoli-dam-full-nude-chatrakBollywood has come a long way. Movies are becoming more focused towards western cultures, stories are focusing on young generations and bollywood celebrities and bollywood actresses are becoming bolder every day. If you think Ranbir Kapoor's "Dropped Towel" scene was too much, you will be surprised to see the upcoming Bengali Film Chatrak, where actress Paoli Dam goes full frontal - infact completely without clothes. Paoli Dam scene in Chatrak was talk of the town.

Those Yana Gupta's publicity act of going to the party without underwear and Lakshmi Menon's top-less Pirelli Calendar are nothing in-front of Paoli Dam's this nude scene in the movie Chatrak.

Paoli Dam Uncut Scenes in the movie Chatrak are quite steamy. Paoli Dam in Chatrak have shed all her clothes for the film. Although the nude scenes from 'Chatrak' are removed from the promotional videos, the movie will still have these scenes. Chatrak movie online full can not be found but chatrak bengali movie photos can be found online.

No matter what, 'Chatrak' is going to create history in Bengali cinema circuit due to its complete and extreme nudity. Check out the (NSFW) video and the uncut version of Chatrak's promotional video with Paoli Dam.

Visit this URL for Paoli Dam's Chatrak Uncensored Video.  You may find chatrak trailer uncut.

Do you think Indian film industry is going too far?