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Last updateTue, 30 Jun 2015 2pm

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Watch 3 Idiots On YouTube Online think this would be the boldest and first ever step from any bollywood producer to release the new movie on youtube within few weeks of the release.

According to BusinessLine, the producers of 3 Idiots have struck a deal with online video sharing and broadcasting portal YouTube for an undisclosed sum

What that means to you is.. 3 Idiots movie online on YouTube. Does it excite you? Well keep reading for more information then..

According to businessline,

{xtypo_quote}The movie will be released on YouTube after eight to ten weeks,” Mr Vidhu Vinod Chopra, producer of the movie told Business Line at the sidelines of the 3 Idiots press conference on Tuesday. The deal with YouTube will allow viewers to download the entire movie from the Web at a fixed price. “We haven't decided on the pricing points yet, but we hope this will stop illegal download and video sharing,” Mr Chopra According to a recent report released by Motion Picture Association of America, India ranks eight among countries with the highest incidence of online piracy{/xtypo_quote}

3 Idiots will be available on YouTube 12 weeks after its release. One can either watch it online or download it

So keep checking this space for more details..and check out 3 idiots movie review

Once you release the print in a digital format, its tought to fight the piracy. There are plenty of youtube video download software and online tool out there that can download youtube videos on your computer for free. I hope YouTube and producers have made sure that the print is secured and can not be downloaded or watched without any hack.