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HUD Tube is an Elegant Alternative to YouTube

YOUHUD Tube is an elegant and an outside the browser alternative to YouTube. There is no denying the fact that YouTube has dominated the market of video sharing. Yet HUD Tube has emerged as an application to improve the interaction with the popular website. YouTube is easy to use and provides a whole range of features so that you can enjoy watching your favorite video clips online. But, YouTube can be tweaked.

The two areas that are explored by HUD Tube are accessibility and management of the video content. If you are looking for a different approach to YouTube, then HUD Tube will offer it to you. HUD Tube even allows you to access YouTube, Vimeo and other local videos and offers an easy way to organize the videos into playlists. It occupies as little as 2.7 MB of your hard drive space being a desktop application.

As for the price, it can be purchased from the Mac App Store for just id="mce_marker".99. HUD Tube’s interface is ordinary. Its main window is simple. It contains the play/pause button with the progress bar and has a playback area. The only thing missing in the control bar is the option to change the video quality. The buttons and the progress bar look very similar to the YouTube layout.

The Playlist Editor is pleasing to the eye.  You can change the window’s opacity and size.  If you want to have the window in an abridged version, you can simply adjust the opacity with the right click menu and can change the size by click dragging the lower right corner.