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How do you fine tune the Privacy Settings for Facebook Graph Search?

tech_graph241You may like Facebook’s new Graph Search if you can tolerate your personal exposure in public. But what makes it fascinating is the manner in which it is set up to allow the users to mix and match the search terms to make new discoveries for themselves.


Online Course On Power Searching Launched By Googleb

Online_Course_On_Power_Searching_Launched_By_GooglebThe Senior Research Scientist, Mr. Daniel Russell, of Google Inc. has announced that the company is offering a course in search education that is going to make the internet browsers find information on Google easily.

The course will offer amazingly advanced tools to help people find the desired information in quick time.


Is Social Networking Cutting Into Free Online Classifieds Market?

online_ads_classifiedsMany of you have seen classifieds in newspapers. The classifieds have now found a new place on internet. That’s called online classifieds. You may know or have used one before popular classifieds websites. Its free.  So what about Classifieds in India?

Well there are many free classifieds in India.  Free classifieds sites were booming in India. Online classifieds are huge hit in western coutries but I am not sure if the free classifieds concept is working out in India or not.


Now Download Facebook Messenger for Windows

facebook-messenger-windows-downloadFacebook is now a name in every household in the world. Its a fact that if you were to create a country out of Facebook users, it would be the third largest coutry in the world.

Last year Facebook announced the launch of Facebook Messenger for Windows Desktop and today Facebook has officially launched the Desktop Client of Facebook Messenger.


Remove Unwanted Facebook Adult Spam Permanently

Ever since Google introduced its well known faster browser Chrome, I kinda stopped using IE and used mostly Firefox or Google Chrome. I actually got my Dad a new laptop and instead of letting them use IE, I installed Google Chrome and taught him how to use it. He rarely uses his computer. Mostly to check on family member's facebook updates and photos.

Few months ago, I noticed some unwanted and weird adult spam message into his status updates and realized that his account and computer was infected with some Facebook adult spam. The funny thing is, I couldn't find any facebook apps that he authorized or any viruses spams in his computer. After some digging I found out that it was Google Chrome's extension that was causing this issue.


People are getting less Friendly on Facebook

People_are_getting_less_Friendly_on_FacebookA new report has stated that people are getting more privacy-savvy on social networks, whether it is fine tuning friends’ lists or removing unwanted comments and limiting access to their profiles. People are managing their privacy settings and their reputation online more often than they used to do a couple of years back. To give an example, 44% of people said last year that they deleted comments from their profile on a social networking site. Only 36% had done the same thing in 2009.