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Good Sex Gives Men Long Lives : Study

SEXAfter tech savvy culture, SEX seems to be in the next shed under the umbrella of multilingualism. Hypocrisy becomes outliner of modern social cultures where Men appear more dominant towards Sexism. Here again the Win-Win situation for them to celebrate, as according to new survey “an active sex life adds few more years in men’s life span (ages). Condition is only about loyalty, research says.


100 Years Old Woman With 98 Years Old Bank Account


In the age of banks that are filling bankrupcies, meet June, Chillicothe, Ohio based woman who celebrates her 100th birthday with a bank (Huntington National Bank) that she is been banking with for over 98 years

June Gregg's father opened up a bank account for her in January 1913, when she wasn't even a year-and-a-half old. Her bank account number changed only once in 98 years, when Columbus-based Huntington acquired the plainly-named Savings Bank in the early 1980s