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NRI's Guide To Predit Your New Born Baby's Hindu Rashi By Due Date

Call it a superstition or an Old School but I named our child based on Hindu Panchang & Moon Sign. I am not saying I am a big believer in Astrology but when it comes to names, I do believe that Moon Signs and Sun Signs have effect on the nature of a person. As per Vedic Jyotish (Vedic Astrology), the Moonsign is one of the most important points in selecting your baby name

For NRI's who believe that their new born child's name should be based on Hindu Panchang & Moon Sign, its difficult to come up with a names before hand. You have no clue what your baby's moon sign will be. But here is a neat way to find that out and narrow down your choices.


How to Shop Online Like a Pro

Shopping online is become more and more popular, especially when you’re looking for something not found in the immediate area. What would you do, drive to the nearest city that has the store or product you are looking for or just sit at your PC and order it online? Yet, as with anything done online, there is an apprehension that comes with not being able to deal with another person face to face. What if you get scammed?  What if your ATM pin gets stolen and used by someone else? Well, there are a lot of ways to be safe when shopping online. Here are a few:



Teens Are Short On Money Skills

Teens_Are_Short_On_Money_SkillsWhether you are a teen or an adult, you have to be skilled in money management. No one can afford to ignore this skill. Teens, especially, cannot afford the luxury of expecting their parents or elders to take care of it for them.


How To Buy Cheap Designer Clothes & Shoes

designer-clothes-indiaBuying designer shoes and designer clothes are every women's dream. Being a man, you wouldn't know the importance of designer women clothes. Clothing for men is quite simpler than women clothing.

So if you want to impress your wife/fiance or a girl friend, check out these tips on how to score cheap designer shoes and clothes online.


Control 4 Plans to Turn Your House Into a Smart Home

Control 4 is constantly thriving to come out with brilliant ideas to convert your house into a smart home. They are integrating the home automation and entertainment systems into one.Kohn-Basement1A good way to increase the entertainment in movies and music is to bring a home theater into your living room. It is important that you have a relaxed experience with comfortable seating.