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New York to London directions with Google Maps

Updates: I think after realizing about this "hidden" feature, google has now disabled it. So if you try it now, it says "Can't find directions for New york to London". Well you can always read through this article and enjoy it. Thanks.
Google maps is getting better and better day by day. Few weeks ago they launched "live traffic" data on google maps. Its available to only few cities in USA though. And they launched driving directions for UK people as well.
Recently they launched driving directions for Australia as well. There is no doubt that Google is leading in maps. Their algorithms and route calcuations are just fantastic.
But all complex systems have bugs. And Google Maps can not escape from that.
What I found from is ...

open up "". Click on "Driving Directions". Then in your start address enter "New York" and in end address enter "London, UK" and then hit "Get Directions"

Well what you are thinking is a bug is not actually a bug. Check the Directions wording properly. This is what it says when it comes near the costal line.


You will see that google is taking you to London from New York over sea route. Thats pretty funny.

And for that matter, put any USA address in your starting address, the result would be the same. Whether you enter California, Chicago, Seattle, New Jersey or Florida.

This doesnt happen if your enter the end address that is from Australia.

Thats funny.  Give it a try.

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