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FireFox 3 World Record - 8 million Downloads In One Day

Firefox, one of the strongest contender Browser of Internet Exploerer recently launched its latest version 3. Mozilla planned the launch of version 3 very well. Mozilla first declared the launch date and pleaded all of FireFox lovers to spread the campaign of its "record breaking downloads within one day". Blogosphere now a days is very sensitive place, things spread like fire.

So once the message of FireFox 3's campaign spread across the internet, Mozilla just had to wait for the download day. Even after {ln:Mozilla Servers Crashed on Firefox Download 'few hiccups}, the campaign went pretty well and millions of people downloaded FireFox 3 on the FireFox download day. Over 8 million people downloaded Firefox 3 in the period following its official launch, the company said in a statement.

FireFox 3's download statistics are pretty interesting if you look at them closely. You will be surprised by looking at the countries that are in love with FireFox. But this whole thing gave an advantage to Microsoft as Microsoft got to know which countries are favoring IE.

What do you think of this world record?