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Last updateTue, 30 Jun 2015 2pm

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Users Slams Facebook on Privacy Invasion

ImageIf you are using Facebook, you might know there was a big drama about Facebook's new facelift called "Facebook Beacon" where Facebook shared user's web activity with his/her friends and invaded user's privacy. Facebook feature automatically shares books, movies, or gifts you buy online with everyone you know on Facebook.


The beauty of today's internet world is that you can show your appreciation as well as ferocious anger right here on WWW. WWW can take you to new heights and it can break you. This is the same WWW that made Facebook a big success and these are the users who has power to bring down Facebook within few months. So you gotta respect users privacy and you gotta understand user's likes and dislikes.


One of the community-based popularity website suffered enough {ln:nw: 'trouble} when they started deleting top user's posts and that created a history. That shows how powerful these users are. 



There have been several other protests, including a petition group in the Facebook site itself called "Facebook, stop invading my privacy.".The protest was started by online activist group, who set up a petition on its website calling on Facebook to give users a simple way to opt out of Beacon.


In a statement, the Palo Alto, California-based company said it was making a several changes to a recently introduced feature called "Facebook Beacon" in the wake of a petition signed by 50,000 Facebook users to scale back the feature. The changes announced by Facebook promises to give users some improved controls over what information about a user's Web activity is broadcast to friends and also improves notifications to users before releasing user data to other Facebook users.


The {ln:nw: '} petition begun on November 20 attracted 5,000 backers that day, 25,000 by Monday and 50,000 on Thursday. Something similar happened with Facebook back in September 2006, a university student-led protest attracted more than 700,000 signatories to a petition to improve privacy features inside the Facebook site itself. (via:{ln:nw: 'ETI}