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Facebook Language – The New Lingo Amongst Teenagers

There is a new trend amongst teenagers nowadays, to use code language, a sophisticated ‎method to communicate with their peers in social networking sites such as Facebook. ‎Facebook is extremely popular amongst users, especially teens who look to build their ‎own network of friends online.

To shut out their personal affairs from parents who often ‎tend to keep them under the leash and to express their views amongst their own age ‎group, these teens have managed to use code words which cannot be understood by their ‎parents, employers et al.

For instance, the term used to express that they are drunk, ‎inebriated is getting MWI, the meaning concealed, unknown to their parents, these teens post messages‎ in social ‎networking websites such as Facebook.‎

In order to maintain a certain degree of privacy and to block parents from knowing what ‎they are upto, these teens have discovered a means to communicate within themselves, ‎using specific online terms – a slang which is incomprehensible to people outside their ‎own group.

Being in a relationship is termed to be taken or ownageeee – a term used to ‎signify that the person in question is committed. Ridneck is yet another codeword being ‎used, signifying embarrassment. ‎ Some researchers believe that such a deliberate play with words, distorting their ‎meanings and mis-spelling them is to make an attempt at blocking and keeping adults ‎away from their online personal pages, allowing them to communicate with one another ‎without hassles of being found out.

This trend will increase as the number of users using ‎Facebook increase dramatically every single day. There is a need for an open forum, in ‎which parents and their teens understand each other better, building trust, which lets teens ‎the freedom to convey their opinions, uninhibited.‎

Some Of The CODES Used Are:

  • LOL = Laughing Out Loud
  • ROFL=Rolling On the Floor, Laughing
  • TTYL = Talk to You Later
  • BRB = Be Right Back
  • OMG = Oh My Goodness
  • WTF = What The F***
  • B2W = Back to Work
  • L8R = Later
  • PIR = Parents In Room
  • OTB = Off to Bed
  • ^5 = High Five
  • FMCL = fell off chair laughing
  • lmao=laughing my @ss off
  • PMSL= pi**ing my self laughing
  • TY=Thank you
  • CU = See You