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Google Adsense Revenue Shares Revealed

google-adsense-moneyHundreds of thousands of online publishers use Google Adsense to make money online by displaying Google Adwords on their websites.

Till today, the adsense publisher revenue share was a taboo but today, Google revealed how much Adsense publishers get by displaying google ads.

AdSense customers are publishers who run "Ads by Google" ads on their pages as well as those who use a custom Google search box on their site and run search-related ads. Those in the first category--AdSense for content--receive 68 percent of the revenue that Google earns for selling those ads, while AdSense for search customers get 51 percent of that revenue.

We hope this additional transparency helps you gain more insight into your business partnership with Google. We believe our revenue share is very competitive, and the vast number of advertisers who compete to appear on AdSense sites helps to ensure that you're earning the most from every ad impression," Google said in its blog post.